Tatlo Kami. We Are Three. (Filipino)

We are three sisters. We are spread across the globe connected by blood and the internet, which, if you think about it, isn’t such a revolutionary statement given the progressive and shrinking world we live in. We are sharing with each other and you a small glimpse into our very different (or maybe not so different) lives. This is our daily photoblog.

Gemini. 22?! Overachiever as evidenced by my double B.A. in economic and international affairs. Garrulous yet not. Living out of a suitcase in PDX. Trying to figure out the next steps to take.

Junior in a liberal arts Oregonian college attempting to double major in Studio Art and Mass Communication. Loving the pretend life of college. Dreading the real world.

High School student in an International School based in the Philippines. In a stage of my life where I’m taking IB, deciding my college future, and what courses to take while still trying to remain sane.