It ain’t so bad…



Meet my best friend. Just kidding. It’s been excruciatingly hot the past few days thanks to a ridiculous record breaking heatwave. Think: over a hundred degrees for a few days straight, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be any better today… The past few days have been spent perched in front of a fan and sometimes even that wasn’t enough.


july29On the way to an Indian restaurant for dinner, a man on a moped passed by us. What made it so funny is that the moped was super duper small for the guy: If you can see in the picture, the guys knees are all the way up. Hehe.



Another day with my friends! After hanging out, my friends and I decided to eat at this restaurant called Cafe Breton. I always found the interior design/foundation of the restaurant to be quite interesting because of it’s atypical from something you usually see in other restaurants.


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