At A Glance.



I’ve been hoardin pint glasses in my room. Not on purpose, of course. I just always bring a glass up with me for the night but I never bring it back down the next morning. It isn’t that big of a deal though because there’s an endless supply of pint glasses in the kitchen cupboard. Maybe I’ll bring these (and one or two that aren’t in the photograph) down to the kitchen in the morning.



Oh, what a horrid day! This evening I went out to go find a bakery/dessert place since I suddenly had a craving for anything chocolate. Getting to the dessert place with a delicious eclair, we learned that it was closed! On the way back to the apartment we stopped by 7-11 where I was able to get a delicious looking pre-packaged ice cream cone! I waited until we got back to the apartment to peel off the cover when SPLAT!!! The entire top came off! 😦  I am still craving chocolate, thank you very much!



See that bed? Well, I slept in that bed for practically the entire day. So, I thought it was fitting that this be my wall post for today :p I literally woke up at 12pm, had lunch, watched some T.V. for a bit, then went back to sleep, and woke up at around 5pm. Hopefully I do something more productive the next few days! 😦


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