It’s funny how the previous tenants left this because we all attended a school that has a bit of a “hippie” vibe. (Though I think we are progressively moving away from that image). For the longest time I didn’t quite understand what this meant or, rather, I had the incorrect interpretation of it. I thought hippies perceived themselves to be too good for the front door when in fact it means quite the opposite. Hippies aren’t good enough to use the front door and thus have to resort to the side door. I use neither the side door nor the front door–I use the kitchen door. Now, what does that say about me?



Summer is almost halfway over and I remember my first two weeks of it staying in San Diego with relatives. During my stay there, I became good friends with one of the little girls I lived with and her classmate who’d come home everyday at exactly 2:30pm and would want to play everything imaginable with me their new “Ate” or in English “Big Sister”. The day before I left they both handed me hand-drawn cards and took photos with me with their mothers’ cameras. 🙂 It’s cute how they attempted to spell my name.



Once again another foodie photo. Sorry, it can’t be helped! It’s my summer vacation and since I’m stuck at home most days I can’t help but EAT! My mom and I decided to make these banana fritter type dessert accompanied with this really good vanilla ice cream (I forgot what it was called but it had bits of caramel and this other thing that makes it even better!!!) YUM 🙂

And sorry for not posting the last 2 days, I had a sleepover and forgot to bring my camera and never really had the time to go online.


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