Tiki Torches

Tiki torches! Well, the very tops of them anyway. There’s no real meaning behind this photo though I could make one up. These have been sitting on the back patio since they were first used on the fourth of July, and I’ve been meaning to take a photo of them. Maybe one of these days.


july19I doubt any student apartment complex have the highest standard of construction. In my case, sound echoes throughout the walkways of my place making a single couch or sneeze 30 feet away from my window seem like it’s just 5 feet away. This is especially bad when you’re waken up by drunken college boys at 3am in the morning getting back from a party. Or in today’s case, I heard my across-the-neighbor crying from so far away that it took another 5-10 seconds until I could actually see her walking across my window to her place. There seems to be no privacy.



Wondering that is? Well, unless you’re pinoy you’re probably wondering ‘what the heck is that?‘ That “thing” you see is called Balot, a Philippine delicacy, that is commonly known to be sold at night time by vendors walking in the streets shouting ‘baloooooot!’ Since I don’t exactly know how to describe it here’s what wikipedia said; “a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell.” Now, you’re probably disgusted right now, but it’s actually pretty good! 🙂

I had other photos with the entire shell broken off, but I thought that it might have been a little disturbing :p


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