Oh No!



I know, I know, I know! I promised I wouldn’t post any more photos of food, but I couldn’t resist! Ever since I got here to San Luis Obispo, Ca, I’ve been obsessed with this little cafe that serves the best clam chowder with home-made bread! Mmmm…Aren’t you jealous? Are you salivating yet? I ate this entire bowl just a few hours ago and I’m still full!



Grill, baby, grill! What an exciting and delicious summer pasttime. This is the (very small) grill right before we put on our deliciously marinated pork chops (nope, not sharing my recipe). The pork chops did get a little burned since we completely forgot about it when we went back inside to play some pool. Anyway, this was my first time actually starting a charcoal grill so that was rather exciting :). I’ve got grilling tips for you though but you need to ask me for those.



What a rainy day! A typhoon had actually just passed by a couple of hours before i took this photo. Just in this photo you can a glimpse of how rainy it was, Manila traffic, and a sign of Greenhills (awesome place where you can find cheap finds. . . and fake stuff! haha).


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