DSCN0555From these last few posts, I think what you’ll notice is that my sisters and I share a common love for food! The way to our hearts is through food! 🙂 And I promise I’ll try and not to post up and more photos of food…for now! I’ve been trying to cut down on unhealthy food (no matter how good it artificially tastes!) but what I can’t get enough of recently has been Jolly Ranchers. Heehee. I can’t entirely erase out artificial goods from my diet in a snap!


Before I share my photo, I’d like to apologize for not posting yesterday. Something happened which threw me off-track for the rest of the day…

Pool Table

On top of having an amazing view from the house, we also have a pool table. Yes, you read that right. The room it’s housed in used to be the dining room but never mind that–look at the view! And the pool table! It definitely gets used by the boys but I’m hoping to get some use in as well so that I can become a pool shark. Yes, that’s a goal in life and I’m well on my way. I have some pool potential; I think I’m decent when I actually focus on the game.



I didn’t do much today, just stayed home and acted like a lazy bum once again :p Instead of taking a picture of something random like last time, I picked a sort of more personal piece. For those who don’t know I play the piano! Playing for quite a number of years, I have a love/hate relationship with the piano. At times I find it a pain to play, but there are times when I actually really enjoy being able to play this instrument. 🙂


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