The 21st Century is convenient to the fast-paced lifestyle people have adapted to: faster communication, faster transportation, faster technology, etc. But what I do love is the traditional post office mail. There’s just something about getting something in your post box and excitingly opening your surprise. I got this very surprise in the mail from someone very special today: a graphics tablet. It’s a combination of my love for art and my life in the 21st Century.


Train Tracks

En route to a street fair (which we never got to because I had completely forgotten to look up the directions) we decided to take a small detour to look at pretty view of the marina and river. Came across these railroad tracks and couldn’t resist taking a photo. I think it’s no longer in use, however,  there was a small private(?) motorized cabin on it earlier today. Anyway, the spot made for some nice photos and the time of day made for some nice lighting too. Enjoy!


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