Ready. Set. Go!


Carl's Jr.

For my first ever photoblog, I decided to post something that I haven’t done – or in this case eaten – in a very very verry long time. Today for lunch, I decided to take a trip across the highway to eat a Carl’s Jr. Famous Star sandwich and french fries. Ahh~ my first fast food in a month. It might be another month before I go back.  🙂


Moon River

I’m rather late with my share but, like P, I wanted my first photoblog entry to be reflective. I love the view from my bedroom window (and every other window that faces the river) and I knew I wanted a photo of that. It wasn’t until I got back home a few minutes ago when I finally got the perfect shot. Yes, it’s rather pretty.




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3 responses to “Ready. Set. Go!

  1. notsorichgirl

    The burger and fries made me hunger so I grabbed an egg salad before writing this… Anyway, I love the concept of your photoblog. The whole sisters thing is fresh. 🙂 I also like your photos. Especially the yummy burger! 😀

    @M: Where is this?

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